medieval embroidery


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I am trying something completely different: embroidery in the technique couching (in swedish läggsöm). This is a very old form of embroidery used over a thousand years. The famous Bayeux tapestry is made using couching.


I use two different golden threads, one is super thin for the stiches and one slightly thicker with which I make the forms. The thin one “couches” the form-thread. It is not difficult but an extreme test of my patience.


Franken pattern

I have been enlightened about my way  of stitching: I use Franken patterns! That is, I combine parts from different patterns just like the doctor Frankenstein.

I just love that notion because it very much descripes what I do – adjust, change, combine.

Here is one example: my 1930’s velvet top with lace (sorry about the photo). I used one pattern for the shoulderpart, one for the arms and one for the bottom.


And this jumpsuit is the perfect example: the top is a 1940’s dresspattern, Hollywood Patters, and the bottom is a 1940’s pyjama pattern, Simplicity pattern 4757.



















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