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How I love this word: storsvagåren. I love it for the poetry of it, I hate it for the horror it carries.

The swedish author Sara Lidman has written about Sweden during 19th century and the suffering of the people in the nothern part of the country. Storsvagåren refers to the many years of great famine. The main character Didrik remembers how horrible it was during these years and is being appalled when a neighbour builds his house with smooth walls made of barley. Barley is food, not for a boasting construction.

What are we wasting? I think of the waste of people, of all of them with no jobs, all of us with too much work. The pressure, the demands are too high for so many in the western world. And of course, there are too many still suffering of Storsvagåren in the world.

No, there will be no crochet today. I will be thinking only of storsvagåren.