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I keep returning to Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell. Well, I guess I have to admit that I am obsessed with the song Hunger strike. These two musicians express something very important, to me they point out the direction of life. Away from materialism and towards immaterialism. For me the line “but I’m going hungry” expresses a longing for something else. Something we cannot buy. The song Society by Eddie Vedder is just as true. It tells the story about leaving, to leave the hunt for more. I still have my extremely old Nokia cell phone which I bought in 1999. To use it is a statement. When do we talk about other subjects than money and eternal economic growth? I hope and believe that culture (art, music, literature, theatre) can be a free zone where all aspects of life are being defended.

So, dearest Eddie Vedder, I am still sorry for not attending the concert in July in Stockholm. I should have called you long ago but I don’t have your number.

This is a painting of the russian painter Ilya Repin.