The crochet and I are having a break for the moment. I have pushed my self too hard, I realised I needed some days off. So now I have covered up the big basket where I store all the yarn and projects with a blanket. No crochet for a while.

I have written about this before, the struggle many of us have to find the time to do what you are longing for. In the play at Västerbottensteatern about the artists Berta Hansson and Anna Nordlander the statement was clear: it is difficult to combine your inner will with the demands from society. And of course we have the issue of money. I have to work to earn money, and therefor the crochet has to stand back.

So, yes, one can find many to blame for the limitation of ones life. Today the limit is not the stated role of women but the capitalism. Then again, is it? Have I not a choice? Do I need to be a part of the big hunt for more?

My answer is no.