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I feel I have to explain my love for music, and for the band Pearl Jam which played live at Friends arena in Stockholm/Solna on saturday.
The concert started off with the song Release me, it ended with Indifference.  It might sound slightly ridiculous but the band gave me hope. The words written by singer Eddie Vedder touched me deeply, like: “I will hold the candle until it burns my arm” /…/ “oh what difference does it make?”.
The song says to me, never stop trying, never stop fighting.
The exceptional thing about music is the combination – words,  instruments and voice. The sound enhances the lyrics, especially in the case of Pearl Jam.  Eddie Vedder has a god given gift, his voice expresses both a strengthness and a weakness. And a seriousness. Eddie Vedder means what he sings, I strongly believe.
During the final song he sat at the edge of the scene, very close to the audience. It was a gesture of tenderness. It was just such a beautiful thing to do while singing the words about making a difference against all odds.
You all have a light in you, he said earlier during the night.

Eddie Vedder, you are needed! Never ever stop singing.