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The village Hammerdal in Jämtland is a small cultural centre. Many artists, such as the painter Berta Hansson, writer Sara Lidman and wood sculpter Lina Eriksson from Lycktorpet, have lived there. Earlier I made a video about Lina (Check it out on youtube Torhild Konst). She was born in a cottage at Fyrsjövallen 1894. She had six siblings and had to work when very young. When guarding the kettle she started to carv in wood. She was very persistent and continued her art work despite her mother’s protests.
On sunday I went to a local auction and to my happiness they sold an art work by Lina! Dear, I got nerveous, I wanted to buy the sculptur – a beautiful madonna with child – but what if someone else wanted it too?
I got it! And I love it.


Madonna with child by Lina Eriksson