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Painting Utan titel lll by Tobi Andersson-Fägerskiöld and paintings Ode till martyrer by Madeleine Hatz

An extraodinary art exhibition is taking place in the church and buildings nearby in Gåxsjö, a tiny village in Jämtland. Paintings, photography, embroidary are on display. Among the artists are the painters Cecilia Edefalk, Berta Hansson, Torsten Andersson and Paul Fägerskiöld. The latter has recieved one of the finest art scholarships in Sweden, Fredrik Roos stipendium.


Painting by Cecilia Edefalk

Cecilia Edefalk’s interest concern the hidden. In a white and grey painting she lets the author August Strindberg to step out of the mist. Cecilia Edefalk has written about her relationship with Strindberg, she has communicated with the celebrity, although dead ages ago.


Paintings by Berta Hansson and Cecilia Edefalk

Art works by Berta Hansson share the space with Edefalk. Her birds, painted when very old and only with her fingers because of her poor sight, are flying into the unknown.

The  monocrome paintings by Pål Fägerskiöld are exhibit together with his family members, Andreas Fägerskiöld and Lennart Fägerskiöld in the church.  In four yellow and white big paintings Lennart Fägerskiöld also works with the hidden. The yellow paint is covered with thick layers of white paint.


Painting by Lennart Fägerskiöld

Curator for the exhibition is Gert Andersson from Raftsjöhöjden. Hammerdals konstförening has participated in the arrangement.