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I really enjoyed going to work today. On my schedule was a visit to McCabe fine art gallery in Stockholm for an exhibition with art works by Damien Hirst. It was an exclusive first preview for the press. I am writing about the show for the newspaper of the Church of Sweden where I work as a reporter and art critic.
The art works on display are Damien Hirst’s The psalms. Every piece is referring to a psalm in the Old testament, Psaltaren. 150 art works, as many as the psalms. And they are all made of wings from butterflies, laid out in a perfect pattern.
Hirst is mostly famous for his animals restored in big tanks filled with formaldehyd, the shark with a big gap for example.
David, who wrote the psalms in the Bible turned to God in despair. The psalms were actually prayers. Damien Hirst turns us towards the creation, to what is around us. But he fanatically arrange the reality, like an old school scientist who would like to reach an understanding of reality, and even discover it’s purpose.
There has been a shift in the hierarchy of reality – from trust in God to trust in man. But the power of human is an illusion, we can never rule the world.  Unfortunately, when we think too highly of ourselves we get blind for the basic conditions of life – only one consequence is our exploitation of nature.


Art work from The Psalms by Damien Hirst