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1940's models Swedish fashion

Look at those lovely pictures! They are just a tiny number of more than hundred models in the collection drawn by a Swedish tailor  between 1939 and 1942. The tailor, or the drawer?, is apparently very skilled.



A couple of days ago I recieved two big boxes packed with old patterns and four books full of drawings of models of dresses, blouses, jackets and skirts from the Swedish designer and stylist Camilla Thulin. She had recieved the boxes from a relative of the tailor but didn’t have enough room or time to keep them.



My brain is boiling – I really would like to show my appreciation to those skilled tailors from the past, now forgotten. But how? And who do they belong to?

There are some small leeds, I found a letter in one of the boxes. A woman called Ingrid Moberg from the firm Moberg Modell writes about her mother in law Hildi Moberg and calls her The grand old lady of Swedish fashion. She was one of the founder of a firm called Bengtsson Modell which started in the beginning of 1900.

This is a goldmine to me and I really would like know more about it.

models from Swedish fashion 1940's