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“We were allowed to wear trousers. But there were men that didn’t like it.” In the exhibition Fashion on the Ration: 1940’s Street Style at the Imperial War Museum in London women tell their stories about fashion during the WWII.


Women liked wearing trousers and many liked the uniform which as many as a third of the population in Britain was entitled to wear during the war. For some women the uniform gave them a new kind of self esteem, as they went from being merely  a part of the household to having an important role in society. The famous store Fortnum & Mason advertised clothing as being for heroines at the home front.


The war had of course horrifying effects but there were some interesting consequences too. Fashion changed – trousers were accepted which ment more freedom and lesser rules for women about what to wear and not.

The exhibition ends with the question: What can we learn?

Well, a lot! Ration is needed today – we have to take care of the planet. Further more, during the war fashion took a new way – people were creative instead of only being recievers of fashion dictates.

How are you creative? Please, let me now!