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I turned our kitchen into a laboratory the other day, to dye a White lace in a more natural colour such as light beige and creme.


For my experiment I used tea and onion. Two tablespoons of black tea and a small piece of onion.


dyeing4 dyeing5 dyeing6 dyeing7dyeing8

The result was Amazing!


I am thinking of using tea for dyeing the lace, I like the light beige touch.

The use of vegetables and plants for dyeing textiles is an old tradition, I guess all over the World. There is an artist in Sweden working with natural dyeing, Lina Sofia Lundin. This kind of dye is environmental friendly, since you do not use any Chemicals.

Lina Sofia Lundin also made an experiment in her kitchen, which was a work of art – Daily Dyes. She dressed her kitchen in a White apron and let the every day use dye the textile. Every preparation and every meal left traces on the apron, the stains told the story of her habits.

The reason for me experimenting is that I am dreaming of a black velvet top with an applique made from lace shaped as leaves. I found the model in the Magazine Vintage Life:


From the Christmas edition of Vintage Life Magazine

I have started the sewing too but it is going very slowly because I do not have a suitable pattern, instead I try to combine different ones.