about me / om mig


My motto: I create, therefore I am.ElisabetSandberg

Jag skapar, alltså är jag.

Creativity, not consumerism.

I mostly crochet but I also sew, mostly in retro design using old patterns. I am a part of the community We Sew Retro, which I love.

Almost every piece of crochet is a paraphrase of an art work such as paintings, books, compositions and movies.

Crochet patterns are very rare, I often improvise when crocheting.

The most common yarn in my chrochets are linen, swedish “lin”. It is an amazing material, traditional, ecological and so beautiful: shiny with an attitude. Sometimes I also crochet with silk thread, an extreme mini-crochet that I really enjoy!

And, yes, my favourite colour is black.

I love art. I read a lot about art theory, aesthetics and now and then I visit art exhibitions. I have my own channel at You tube, Torhild Konst, dedicated to art. I believe art should be spread throghout the world and the web is the perfect provider for art education.

Jag skapar, alltså är jag. Kreativitet, inte konsumism. Att laga, skapa och hitta på själv är en stark drivkraft.

Mina virkningar är oftast parafraser, tolkningar av kulturella uttryck som konstverk, musik, teater, litteratur och film. jag improviserar alltid och ser mig själv som en konstvirkare.

Jag använder bara ett sorts garn, lin (Kalinka). Lin är ett fantastiskt material, det är traditionellt, ekologiskt och väldigt vackert, skimrande men samtidigt fyllt av attityd.

Jag älskar konst och läser mycket om konstteori, estetik och konstpedagogik. För att prova filmen som form och utveckla konstpedagogiken har jag startat en kanal på You tube, Torhild Konst. Alla program ser lite olika ut, det är meningen. Jag testar olika sätt att berätta om konst.

Torhild / Elisabet Sandberg

Uppsala, Sweden

Torhild – Art and Thought


Instagram: torhildelisabet



10 thoughts on “about me / om mig”

  1. Outstanding post, you have pointed out some fantastic details, I too conceive this is a very great website.

  2. I love working with flax and linen also, but it is very hard to come by in USA and if I can get it , very expensive. So I do a lot of my work with mercerized cotton.
    I also rather create without patterns, though I often get inspired by pictures of other people’s work. Seams in USA EVERYBODY follow patterns, so I began writing patterns, because I soon need to work from home.
    I like black very much, but I do not call it a color, since colors come through light and black is absences of light. White is absence form color. I love it all in crochet and in painting. Hope to see more of your work, since you seem to have good taste. Be blessed! I am glad I found you.

    • Thank you for your thoughts! Linen is very expensive in Sweden too, unfortunately. I have the same experience about patterns, everyone use patterns and it is very popular to crochet either “mormorsrutor” for blankets, I think it is called granny squares, or amigurumi. Boring, I think. I look upon my crochet as art, therefor I like to invent my own patterns and style. Almost always I do plenty of thinking before I create something new.
      I love your site! I will return, often!

  3. I’d like to congratulate you on being nominated for the Leibster Blog Award! Please visit http://graycrochet.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/leibster-award-part-deux/ for rules and to accept your award. ^_^ Have a beautiful day!

  4. uniquecrochet said:

    Your items are beautiful and special. I’m so happy to see all of your creations. Thank you for
    sharing your talents.

  5. Thank you for the follow, and looking through your blog, I am glad we share, if not the same craft or art activities, but the love for creativity! I love your work, especially done in colour black is something different for a change! Look forward to more of your posts! 🙂

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